How To Insure Your Next Tarot Reading Is Awesome!!!



This is the time of year that each of us seems to take stock and try to take a look at our lives. We make ourselves a seemingly endless list of resolutions from losing weight to beginning massive self improvement renovations. These ideas relentlessly swirl around our heads like laundry in the spin cycle.
Some people think this is a good time for a Tarot reading. I absolutely agree. I always tell everybody, “Your life does not have to be a Train Wreck to Need a Tarot Tune-Up!” If you’re ready to make some changes and jump start your life a tarot reading is just the vehicle to get some fresh perspective! Here are some surefire tips that you need to be armed with!
If you have never had an in person Tarot reading you must be aware of this.
Tarot readings in real life are vastly different than those on TV. On television programs and infomercials you get to see wonderful revelations, marvelous reunions, and amazing messages from the Spirit world, from beyond the grave.
Rarely in those readings do you see the people share truly heartbreaking stories, you do not get to witness their pain, anguish and confusion. Some have just lost a spouse, or found out they have cancer, or their spouse just ran out on them leaving them pregnant with 3 kids to raise alone and without any resources.
You will not see the Tarot Reader touch their hand or offer tissue.
More often than you would think empathetic readers sometimes attempt to hold back some tears as they try to maintain professionalism, many tarot readers have genuine compassion and concern for each and every client.
Miraculously, in the real life settings this is all achieved without the distraction of commercials for feminine hygiene products, exercise equipment, or emergency rescue products designed to scare vulnerable senior citizens into purchasing their products. Alas they often miss out on the tidy happily ever after storybook.
As with any purchase or investment it is imperative to be armed with good information and a plan before you spend your valuable resources. Here are some tips that will help you navigate around hype, smoke and mirrors and find the resources require.
Do your homework first and ask for references.
You can ask your friends. If you go to a specific place for a reading, and you are respectful when you ask, any reputable reader they will not mind you asking for a reference. Understand that this is an interview and you are only asking questions that you would ask of anyone who provides a service for you. They are the same things you would ask of your surgeon, carpenter or mechanic.  Your reader may be new in terms of reading professionally or perhaps new to the area and they may not be able to give you a list of people to call – but they will not mind your asking. If they become defensive take note.
Ask if they operate by a specific code of ethics, and do not be intimidated to ask what they are.
It is essential that you know this. When you decide to make yourself vulnerable and transparent it is something sacred and special, any ethical reader does not treat that lightly and will treat you with dignity, compassion and respect. But consider for a moment:  you would not go to your beautician for a face lift. Don’t go to your Tarot Reader and expect them to perform medical and legal services.
You should at all times be treated without judgment, shame or be pressured, and your reading should be explicitly confidential. (* unless you are threatening yourself or planning to harm someone else then sorry cupcake than all bets are off.) NOTE: if you would like to see what a printed code of ethics looks like and what the main points you should look for my email is at the end of this article. Contact me and I would be very happy to send you a copy.
Have realistic expectations.
Chances are the matters at hand that that necessitated a reading did not happen overnight. Do not expect to have everything perfectly resolved by the end of your reading. That being said, it is not an unrealistic expectation to have perspective, clarity, a specific plan of action, direction and purpose.
Ask if there are any issues the tarot reader will not address.
Some readers will not address specific subjects such as death, or health issues. This is important information to have before you commit to a reading and take out your check book.
Be clear on the specific services that your reader offers. Be clear on what their prices are and the prices of additional add on services before agree.
Many readers provide a variety services, ranging from Palmistry to Past Life Regression. These services are often offered in a tiered menu form and they may or may not be of great value to you.   These services can increase how much you spend in the end, be aware so you are not surprised.
Don’t play, “Stump the Tarot Reader”.
Consider this: look at all the information you have gathered already. What you have learned so far should give you ample information you need determine if this reader is a great match for you or not. So please do not play try to stump the reader. It insults them and makes you look foolish. Reputable Readers work very hard to continue their education with classes, seminars, workshops and other means of study to stay sharp. They also do it so they can offer new services to you. Many have families and full time jobs as well. Aside from this, they work very hard to provide a personal service to you with character and integrity. You do not have time to play these games especially if you are paying by the minute. It is best to make the most of the valuable time you are spending with your tarot professional.
Have a specific question or area of concern in mind when you ask your question.
The cards mean different things for different questions. If your question is “How does my boyfriend really feel about me? But you say just “a general reading”, or “what ever comes up”, you are not going to get the most accurate reading that you could have. Even if it is something very personal you should at least be willing to say the area of concern like; romance or work.
Use care in how you ask your question? 
You may ask, “When am I going to find love?” or “When will I get a bunch of money? However consider this. If you ask “How can I bring love into my life?” or “How can I make my new business a success?” or “What important things am I missing that need my attention?” You are more invested in the process. You are involved and you are taking ownership and responsibility for your life. If you only do this much I promise you are going to get answers that are more targeted and specific to your needs and concerns.
Don’t be afraid to converse during your reading.
Conversation sometimes helps the reader be clear that they are conveying their information to you in a way that makes sense to you. It is not a ploy to fish for more information. They are trying to make the most of the limited time you have together to give you the most accurate, targeted information.
If you have “secrets” that you do not want others to know about – do not bring your spouse or best friend into your reading with you.
If you’re having a secret affair, embezzling from your job or have other “skeletons in your closet” it is perhaps not the best time to invite your best friend or spouse into your reading. There is a huge probability it will show up in the cards.
Ask if the reading will be recorded or if you need to take notes. Some, not all readers allow recording and some provide the tapes. Some are not comfortable with you taping your reading and may provide you with materials to take notes. If you would like to bring a friend along to take notes make sure you ask the reader first.
If the news you hear is not what you like or expected, don’t assume it was a bad reading.
There are many components that make for a good or bad reading. You will do yourself a disservice if you dismiss the value of a reading just because you didn’t like the answer you were given.
Sometimes the cards will say your lover is not coming back. They may also say your business is not doing well and you may need to make adjustment and accommodations. The cards are just a tool. They are not a magic lamp with a genie inside waiting to grant our every wish. There is a temptation to ask the same question over and over again until we hear what we want. If this is the case, you are wasting a lot of your time and resources and “tarot help” is not the kind of help you need.
Don’t give up your free will by asking a reader what to do.
Asking advice and asking someone to tell you what to do are two very different things. No matter what the cards say you are in charge of your life. If the reader is too quick to tell you what to do and offer the components like additional spells, candles and ritual work, take note. It is not their responsibility to “fix” a situation or problem.  That responsibility is, and always will belong to you. An ethical reader never wants you to become dependant on them. A tarot reading is a valuable tool used to give you perspective and to give you information and resources. You get to be the architect.
Don’t ask about things that are not your business.
Unless it is about you – or you are part of the solution, it is best to leave those questions alone. If you must ask then restrict yourself to only asking what you can do, how you can bring change for the highest good of all parties.
Ask if the Reader offers gift certificates.
This is a wonderful resource and so often overlooked! Some people are difficult to buy for, a tarot reading is a wonderful gift for the person who has everything, or who is difficult to buy for. They make great gifts for those celebrating an engagement, a baby shower, an anniversary, a birthday, or a wonderful Christmas gift!!
If something feels “off” or wrong listen to your intuition.
That is your heart and soul speaking to you; it will not lie to you.
 If you are told you are under a curse, or the reader is losing their “psychic connection” and needs more money to continue take note.
If you are happy with your reading tell your friends. If your not tell your reader.
Your tarot reader is there to help you. If you are having difficulty connecting or are uncomfortable tell them. Sometimes people are not a match. That is just a fact of life.  If it is not a match please do not be like the client who goes to the salon for a make over and tells the hair dresser they love it – even though they hate it. Don’t race home and wreck a person’s reputation, character, and confidence by telling everyone you know that the hairdresser ruined your life!  …you’ve almost lost the will to live, you cannot even leave the house in disguise to go to your grandmother’s funeral – and you feel like the hairdresser just ran over your only working kidney with their car on purpose… just to be vicious with forethought and malice… to single handedly destroy your life because they were bored.
Lastly Remember open your heart and mind, have fun and get some fresh new perspective!
You have a wonderful opportunity to find some direction, perspective, wonderful ideas and empowerment! Now you can really make the changes in your life and begin to manifesting your dreams.
Tidal Miller
Published in Attune Magazine 2013

When was the last time you experienced bliss?

What a Glorious Day. Have you ever felt as if you were just overcome with a sense of fullness, contentment, wonder, and wholeness that you have never before felt? 

It feels like a glorious sunrise inside your very being, while being washed over with waves of vibrating love and life and a wonderful pallet of gloriously colored leaves swirling all around feet.

I just find when I feel that way, words fail me so in expressing what that feels like. I wish so that I could verbalize those feeling and those thoughts into words and be able to share them, with people that have hurts, are stuck in their lives, or may need a bit of encouragement, to just know that they are valued and loved.

The other day at Wal-mart

I was in Wal-Mart the other day. I was in the check out line and I noticed this lady approaching me who I did a reading for her a about a month ago in a chance meeting at a friends rummage sale of all things.

She said, “I saw you and had to tell you that everything you said happened!” She was facing several challenges, as well as some that were work related. As flattered as I was I told her we lo

oked at the cards together, and we noticed opportunities, and possibilities together that she had not noticed or considered. I explained to her that she was the one who noticed, and she was the one who acted when she saw the opportunity.

I am a Leo, for good or bad and my ego could easily trip me up. The cards are just a tool. I am all about empowering people to own their own lives and decisions, and not fostering dependence on me or divination tools. I told her she was the Universe’s Wonderful Creation in the works. When I explained that I felt really gratified because she “got” it. I was blessed to know that my reading was of value to her, and got a little more confidence to not always stay in my comfort zone.

Learning to face your fears

This morning I decided to make some deliberate time for some personal meditation. I have been giving thought my cards this week. I asked several wonderful people in the group some specific questions. They were kind enough to answer a few questions that I had. I was so grateful too.


I have several decks of cards and I remember the features that drew me to them for each one. Over time I grew to prefer others and had difficulties with others. This morning I got my 3 favorite decks out and put them in order. (The Radiant RW deck, The Morgan Greer Deck and the Gay Tarot) 


I took the Radiant RW Deck out and put it side by side with the Morgan Greer deck. I began to go through the cards one by one. I could see the meanings easily in the Radiant RW deck and I would look at the other one and perhaps not see it in the same way. I looked for the colors, images, the symbols, the back ground, body language, was there motion and so forth. I stayed with each card until I could see why the artists choose those images for those cards. I had to get out of my safe zone, memorized meaning, and preconceived ideas and ask what did emotions and concepts did they convey.


It was tough and time consuming, but it began to flow and to click. I could see the same idea and concept from different angles. As my momentum grew I sort of got apprehensive as I approached the cards that I knew gave me trouble. I did the same thing and it worked


I began to feel as if I was mediator between decks that could not get along. I decided to handle them like people. Both had valid points, and concerns. Both had passionate opinions to make. Both needed patience, empathy and understanding. Both had to find a meeting point. I realized that some of my favor of one deck over another was NOT about the elements, content, or style, it was about fear of being wrong, not understanding or worse yet looking foolish. I realized that was Ego trying to control the cards and the outcome.


I repeated the process with the third deck. It really opened up and began just come alive with illumination. I had made peace with the three of them. Now I can pick up any of those decks and read from it without worrying that this card, or that other one I do not like as much will show up. I thought about what the card in general means to me and what deck best said that in a way I could understand and also taking the time necessary to understand and unlock that I did not understand. It just felt like such a break through moment. It also felt liberating as well.


Now all that to say, is this. There are some I do prefer than others still BUT that preference is now based on taste and comfort rather than fear. I again was reminded when we let go of fear, our hands are then fully open and capable to reach out to the Universe waiting to catch and embrace us with both arms!

Offer an Open Heart, Lip Balm, Band Aids, and Lotion.

Today, it is cold. The weatherman says “Enjoy the weather,, there is a cold front coming.” I think of this time of year, after the excitement of seeing the trees change their colors fade. Those of us who have joint pains, notice that the cold makes that discomfort a bit more pronounced. During the winter we slather our dry lips with lip balm. Sometimes this time of year we notice differences and changes to our inner being as well.

Today I deliberately choose to look for those opportunities to see and honor that in myself and others with patience, understanding, empathy, and try to be and offer that balm, support, and relief. So often the difference between a breakdown and a break through is our perspective, and the support of those around us whom we love, care about and trust. Today I am going to look for opportunities to be and offer that without being co-dependent or owning what is not mine to own.

The only thing that is different between those we have lost to death and ourselves is our address.

I realize that this is not actually about the Tarot. But when you think of it, the tarot centers on all the areas of our lives including love, relationships, communication, taking care of ourselves and nurturing others on our journey. So here are just a few thoughts as I take a moment to enjoy the scenery along the way of my journey.

Well another long week is over. Tomorrow get to spend the day with some very wonderful women who are the kindest, most insightful, Spiritual and loving people that I know. I am so blessed and grateful that they have embraced me into their circle of friendship. It will be a great opportunity to let my hair down, and have some time to work on some things very dear to me, and get a “slap up” reality check if necessary.

If you have friends embrace, treasure and hold them very close. We are all here for such a very short time. Remember those that you have loved and have lost. This is one thing I know to be true, the only difference between them and us is the same difference between you and I . We all just have a different addresses.

The love you show to ALL of them will be an enormous quilt of love that will pull them through hard times if your not able to in person. Face Books makes us think that the number of friends is important but the quality and sincerity is really what counts most. The truth is you only need a few. And even more a blessing is when you take the bold opportunity to offer that to someone else!

Just a random thought,

A dear friend of mine once told me once, “You cannot save your butt, and save your face at the same time.” The same thing applies if you hands are full holding onto the past, being a victim, being right, being misunderstood, not letting things go, your hands are full and there is not room for the wonderful gifts the Universe has for you.

My Morning meditation is to NOT be one of those people who only embraces the TRUTH AND CHANGE as a quick fix vehicle to get their butt out of a sling, I pray my intent is far more sincere than that. I want my path to sustain me in the difficult times as well. It is not just a fashion statement And if people you love are not there yet be patient. Some times that journey takes time, but never give up on them, You may have to do it from a distance but it is so important.

People have the mistaken idea that they are only of value when they are at the top of their game or most productive. However the opposite is true and they should be embraced because they have survived and weathered the storm, that must be recognized and honored. That is what makes us humane human beings, and becoming one takes effort and consistency. 

Your life does not have to be a train wreck to need a Tarot Tune-Up

 Remember when you had a dream for you life? It is never to late to change your perspective and change your life.

My tarot reading style is bold, interactive, intuitive, and honest. Let me help YOU discover the answers you seek. There is NOTHING too personal that you cannot a sk the Tarot. Take charge of your life! Get yourself a NEW ATTITUDE and get those answers today.

The promise given to each person that I am reading for is this – I will tell you what I see,Your reading is completely confidential, and I will never judge you. It is time for a reading and a tune-up!

I cannot change your life but YOU can, and you can do it today! If HONEST answers to your questions are what you want, then my style will be for you. I do tarot readings and The universe is waiting there to shower us with amazing abundance, blessings and wonder. Readings are wonderful opportunities to get fresh perspective. am so blessed to share that wonderful enlightenment and empowerment with others. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for meditation, guidance, and is a marvelous tool to help us manifest our fullest desires. Don’t you think it is time? I knew you certainly deserve it.


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