Sarinea, Joins us on “Pagan Propensities”


ImageThis week on Pagan Propensities, my good friend Sarinea, joined up for a neat episode talking about tarot and other things as well. She is fun, and I am glad to call her my friend. Check out the link below.


Finally making progress on my Pagan Propensity Blog.!

What a nice weekend to get caught up. I was able class this past Sunday, for The Tarot Guild, Recorded some wonderful guests for the programs coming up, and finally got serious about my blog.Image

Dusty White Visits, “The Alchemical Hour”

ImageI am not a stranger to the tarot. I have ample books on the subject as well as numerous decks. I always have them with me. That being said he is the author of my favorite book on the tarot. “The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever.” I fist head about Dusty White when I heard him on an interview. I really liked his style and how he interacted with people. I got his book, I loved it immediately, soon after I took his class.

ImageIt totally changed the way that I looked at Tarot forever. He is a great teacher and he will bend over backwards to help anyone. He has tons of free resources that you can find on YouTube. His book is a best seller on The thing that make his method is that he teaches you how to look at things from a different perspective. Since I started my journey I have met many people. Many have been less than perfect, some have been out just to make a buck and some are genuinely wonderful human beings just trying to make a difference. He has appeared several times on our programs. I am including those links in case you did not get to enjoy it the first time. I promise you will not be disappointed.!!

He also appeared on a special episode with Lilian Mustelie

Check out his website:

Catching up with “Katrika Kordivanna”

use IMG_0544This is my dear friend “Katrika Kordivanna”, she lives in Madison, Wisconsin she is a dear Sister Witch. She is a wonderful source of wisdom, encouragement and friendship. Often you hear that people want to turn their home into a sanctuary. She has done this. It is one of the most enchanted places I have been. Though I do not get to see her as often as I would like FaceBook keeps us in touch.

She has been a guest on my program “Pagan Propensities” twice. She is planning a very special visit as we speak that we will be announcing very soon. She is a Solitary Witch and she shared with how she found her path and a peek into what her life is like.

I included the links from the two programs that she guested on., in case you missed the opportunity to enjoy them the first time.

Check out her blog site:

Alicia Lyon Fulberth Joins Us “Pagan Propensity” We discuss Our Community

OranumHigherRes (1)     I first met Alicia Lyon Fulberth in a professionalvenue. One of the things that caught my attention was her gentle as her care and her compassion. I too great care to observe how she treated everybody. She treated everyone with great care respect and a honor. Is a radio calls the TV holes a high priestess in the Pentium temple as well as many other interests. She is a powerful woman who is unafraid to make waves when it comes to standing up for what is right. She is a woman of character string and integrity. Aside from that she is then you when she is authentic and she truly cares a bow the people with whom she works. If you miss the opportunity to hear the show I will include the links to that episode. It is a wonderful program and I would hate for you to miss it. She is a woman of great fire passion and determination. She gets things done and she is one of the good guys. I had had the opportunity to meet many people since I have started doing radio programs. But I must tell you of the many people who I have met and hold in high esteem care and respect.  Here is the link in case you missed those programs.

On this episode we discussed many things but on of them was the topic of people who are damaged and some of the things we can do to bring healing to the hurting people in our community!!! It was a wonderful hours. I was honored and I can not say enough about the wonderful Spirit of this woman! Here is the link in case you did not get the opportunity to enjoy this heart filled episode.

Below you will find links to contact her.  

.It’s Alicia Lyon Folberth, for email, and the Panthean Temple

Reading Tarot In the Digital Age


Tomorrow, I will be doing an audio class for, The Tarot Guild”. The topic will be ” Tarot Readings In the Digital Age.” If you happen to be a Professional Member of The The Tarot Guild there is not cost, otherwise the fee in nominal. The digital world has changed everything and there are some things that people need to know. I will post more about it. You can find the link for this program on my website onFaceBook. Here is the link for the show.



Our Friend Cernowain Greenman Joins Us on “Pagan Propensities”

400837_328071060548949_1386504318_nCernowain Greenman came to visit us. I will post more links and more info shortly.

His latest project, “Magjick Planet” is simply amazing. You can find the video for the title track, “Magick Planet” on . This was a wonderful program! If you did not get to enjoy the program I am including the link to that episode in case you did not get to enjoy it. It went so quickly and It just felt like I was sitting across the table from a good friend. Here is the link:

Selena Fox Joins us March on 13th. on “Pagan Propensities”


Next Wednesday March 13 Selena Fox will be making another appearance with us on “Pagan Propensities”  Come and learn about the growth and development of contemporary Paganism. It will be a fascinating program that you will not want to miss. This will not be Selena’s  first visit to our program. We are very excited to have her with us. She is a great source of knowledge information and inspiration. We consider her a very special friend and we hold her in great esteem honor and respect. We are always thrilled when she came a time in her busy schedule to spend time with us. Below you will find links how to contact her. You can also find her radio program on blogtalkradio.

On On February 20 Selena Fox made a special appearance with us. this is the link to that show if you were unable to enjoy it.

Circle Sanctuary priestess Selena Fox will be discussing Paganism and Pagan Civil Rights. We are so fortunate to have this amazing woman on our show! She has honored us with her friendship and with this remarkable interview. Listen as she defends our spirituality and lifestyle from the rude and dismissive psuedo-journalists on Fox News. She goes on to talk about her journey and accomplishments as an activist and trail-blazer for our community!

Tarot By Misha visits “Pagan Propensities”

IITCbanner1-for-websiteMy friend Misha stopped by “Pagan Propensities” for a quick chat. I will post more information shortly.

The first time I became aware of who Misha was, I was watching a mutual friend who was appearing her program, “It’s In the Cards” it is a wonderful internet TV Podcast found on the PEN network. Her guest was Christiana Gaudet, she is the author of, “Fortune Stellar”. I was so excited so I went to join the broadcast.

Afterwards I began to tune in and struck a friendship with Misha, she invited me to be a guest on her program. I was honored and really excited. I had only done one radio program since I had “gone pro” and I was rather nervous. She made me very comfortable and the program seemed to be over in moments.

One of the things about her program was that she treats everyone well. She as been at this for a long time and she know many well know people. However the thing that strikes me is that does not matter if you are “Tarot Royalty” on “the new kid on the block” both are treated with warmth and grace. As interesting as her shows are it is not match for the wonderful conversation that goes on in the chat room too.

During our visit she discussed many things. How a good “Catholic Girl” found herself in this business. Some of her experiences as well and discussing going from audio podcasts to internet TV. It was a fun visit that was over way too quickly and I am starting my list of questions well in advance for her next visit!

James Wells Visits “Pagan Propensities”


There is a learning curve to WordPress. I am going to add more information and further  to this post

James came by to discuss Journaling and Tarot. We discussed different topic, from his journey to very specific   tool and techniques that we can use to be effective. These are some of the book that he recommended. Above you will find the link to his blog site. Please take a moment to check it out. He is one of the most astute people that I know. I learn so very much from him.

He was kind enough to recommend some great resources for anyone interested in getting started.

* Kathleen Adams. Journal to the Self.
* Christina Baldwin. Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest.
* Nina Lee Braden. Tarot for Self-Discovery.
* Mary Greer. Tarot for Your Self.
* Corrine Kenner. Tarot Journaling.
* Deena Metzger. Writing for Your Life.

Here is the link to the episode.


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